Horse & Western Bank Backdrop

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Western scene with horse tied in front of the local bank covers this backdrop. Choice of sizes and fabric.  Thin vinyl is great for the pocket book but does not take the wear and tear like the Polyester fabric.  If you are not having your models walking on it and it is hanging then vinyl is not a bad way to go.  The difference between thin vinyl & polyester is the following:

POLYESTER MATERIAL: Is thicker.  Maximum seamless width of 300cm/118.11" or 9.84 feet.  This material can be washed and ironed (on backside).  Easy to carry and fold.  Economical price, better quality.  Can be used for indoor and outdoor photography.  Easy use and stored for a long time. 

THIN VINYL is also durable, soft, lightweight, easy to fold and carry, cheaper top purchase, and lighter than polyester cloth.  But it is still not tear proof, so it is suitable for indoor photography,  i.e. birthday parties, family photos.  If just hanging lifetime of backdrop is much longer.  Do not touch it with water when you have footprints on the backdrop.  You can use a "slightly" moist cloth to wipe it.  Maximum seamless width of 300cm/118.11"or 9.84 feet

Material: Thin vinyl and Polyester
Max Width: 300cm(9.84 feet)
Can be washed: Polyester only
Feature: Reducing the crease by ironing
Production way: Print and Thermal transfer
Usage: Different sizes for different usage.