Message To White House...Congress Never Considered!

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Message To White House...Congress Never Considered!

Does your voice matter?

If you follow No Kid Hungry, you’ve likely seen us asking you to take action on a proposed law -- email your Senator, call the White House, petition your local state representative. It probably seems like someone is asking you to take these kinds of actions every day, and maybe you’re wondering if it makes any difference.

It does. Here’s the proof.

A couple weeks ago, when President Trump released a budget proposal that would have gutted programs that all of us rely on to feed kids in need, we asked you to send a message to the White House, letting them know where you stood.

-- 8,500 people tweeted at President Trump
-- 3,000 people took action on Facebook
-- 2,000 people signed our petition
-- And nearly 1,000 people called the White House directly

President Trump’s budget proposal went nowhere. Congress never even considered it. Together, we protected programs that help kids, and sometimes even save them.

Elected officials respond to pressure from ordinary Americans. True, one voice alone is hard to hear, but when we raise our voices as one, like we did that day, we can turn the tide.


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