How We Shop For Potential Products

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How We Shop For Potential Products

See our amazing pile of catalogs?  We’d bet that you recognize a lot of them (all of them?).  Savvy shoppers know them.

 The point of the photo is just to illustrate what we take in during our research to find great products at super prices.  When we say in our About Us page that

 “We are passionate about bringing stuff to market that we love ourselves. Things we would buy, great finds and unusual treasures.”

 …it’s true.  We look hard to find products for you that we think are eclectic, cool, fun, valuable, and at great prices.  We really do.

 Our techniques vary.  We often purchase something we like and then research how to bring to our store for less than we paid.  We may spot something in an upscale catalog we think is excellent, but not at the price they want.  In case you are not aware, many retailers are marking up products way higher than normal practices, 3X 5X, even 10X.  They are going up against full retail chains that include several distribution steps, but with only two steps.

 So, the hunt to find their supplier begins.  We may find the exact same product at wholesale.  We may find it comes from Italy, or China, or Australia.  We may start with a physical catalog, then expand that to online catalogs.  We may find a nearly identical product at a much better price.  We may fine an even BETTER version at a much better price!

 Nancy Beer, our E-Commerce Director and all-around shopping maven, has a keen eye for quality and value, and she works constantly to bring you super stuff and amazing prices.

 Once we have identified a potential product, we will usually order it ourselves to ensure that the supplier’s quality and service meet our standards.  When we’re satisfied that you will be satisfied, we’ll put it in our store.

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