That is one of the most powerful “magic” words for marketing pitches.  Every copy writer knows this, and so much stuff is pushed with it, it amazes me sometimes that we haven’t gone numb to the word.

There’s this sleep shop salesman in the Southern California area that has made this line his tag line for years:

“We’ll beat anybody’s advertised price, or your mattress is FREEEEE!!!”

Think about that.  Pretty obvious, isn’t it?  Does he think you’re stupid?

Probably not, but he doesn’t care, either.  It’s memorable.  It has a kind of compelling pull about it.  And, most importantly, he gets to yell “FREEEEE!!!” at the top of his lungs on TV.

That sticks.

So, here is another way “FREE!!” is used, and you’ve seen it increasingly lately:

"But Wait!  We’ll send you a SECOND fantastic-can’t-live-without-it-gizmo for FREE!!"

"Just pay separate shipping and handling."

Or, commonly, in our kind of store:

Just pay shipping!


Yeah, we admit, we’ve had some advice to do this to generate interest and, guess what else?


Because the stuff that is being sold that way is SO CHEAP that the “just pay shipping” price still has a normal profit.  We’ve only done it at lower profits and with products we could still be proud of, but, really?

That’s manipulative.  That’s deceptive.  And we won’t do it.  We apologize to you for even having dabbled in it.  We’re walking away from our “mentors”.  Here’s why:

First, we treasure our customers.  We do not want to manipulate or trick you in any way.

Second, the products that are moved this way are really low quality.  We test our products, and our suppliers’ ability to fill orders, ship reliably, and maintain the level of quality we simply insist upon for Needful Things.  And the stuff that we’ve tried for this approach simply do not make the grade.

And that just reinforces the first point, which is that the whole thing is a bit sleazy to us.

So, you won’t be seeing any “FREE!!!!  Just pay shipping and handling!”  We think too highly of you, and also of ourselves.  We never intend to be “normal”.

What we promise is a high value-to-price ratio, all the time, our commitment to deliver high quality products and service consistently, and to always strive to create an great experience and that wonderful feeling when you know you got your money’s worth, and more. 

And we may launch promotional and introductory campaigns once in a while where we slash our profits in order to get you acquainted with us, with a new product, or just because it’s fun to do sometimes!

Needful Things Company is a great store getting better by the day.  We hope you’ll have a lot of fun shopping, enjoying the beautiful layouts, the fun descriptions, all the stuff Nancy pours her heart into, and that you’ll find great stuff at great prices and BUY it!  That’s the point, right?  And that you’ll tell everybody you know about our wonderful little shop where we respect our shoppers and hope to deliver excellence in all ways.




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