"Fake News Prophecies?" Contest!

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"Fake News Prophecies?" Contest!

Great New Products, AND a Contest!

Wanna have some fun?  And win some stuff while having fun?  Check this out!

We have a new product design out illustrated in this blog.  We call it the "Fake News Prophecies?" design for obvious reasons, right?  The design you see above is available on many kinds of products.  See The Collection HERE

Two explorers have discovered an Egyptian hieroglyph mural that eerily depicts images from our day!  But, even more interestingly, these images seem to be messages.  Is this prophetic?  Or Tut's own gag panel?  Both?  And, there are definite messages in the hieroglyphs!  Can you translate them?

This cartoon is full of jokes, parodies, and hidden messages, and intended to make you smile many times as you enjoy the product of your choice.  The design is on mugs, tees, bags, pillow cases and mouse pads.  OK, we admit, on a mug it is a bit small, but still works, and it is a great conversation starter!  I have one and I love it!

We decided to hold a contest to find out who would be able to really appreciate this excellent cartoon.

Here are the rules:
  1. To enter the contest, you must like our Facebook page and purchase one of the "Fake News Prophecies?" products.  Our Facebook page is HERE.
    When you purchase, you will provide an email address that we will be able to confirm.
  2. Find all six words of the hidden messages in the Egyptian hieroglyphs to win a $50 cash prize!
  3. Solve the bonus mystery along with the other messages for a $100 cash prize!  All we will tell you about this is that this is linked to one of the other hidden messages.  You will probably see this immediately when you solve the other, then you'll be able to begin your search for the rest of the answer.
  4. Send your answers in an email to
    and include your email confirmation of your purchase.  This is the only way answers will be accepted.  Including your purchase confirmation will help us ensure you are a legitimate contest participant.
  5. We will award $50 cash prizes to the first FIVE correct submissions that correctly interpret the six words in the Egyptian hieroglyph messages.
  6. We will award one $100 cash prize to the first ONE submission that also provides the correct answer to the bonus mystery.  You must solve all the hidden messages and the bonus mystery, so the total to the person that does this first is $150.  You may submit your answers for the $50 cash prize and secure that prize, then follow up with the bonus answer if you need more time.
  7. The contest will run until we have ONE correct answer for the bonus mystery and at least FIVE correct submissions for the six Egyptian hieroglyph messages, or November 30th, 2017, whichever comes first.  At the end of the contest we will post all the answers and if there are no winners, oh well.
  8. We will make cash payments via PayPal when we have closed the contest.  This is to ensure we have reviewed the submission dates and times and answers and have checked carefully who the award winners are, and to ensure nobody that submitted publishes their answers, which will disqualify them.  We will announce the close of the contest followed by an announcement of the award winners.
  9. If you do not want your name announced as a winner, please be sure to tell us that in your submission email.
  10. Posting answers to the blog page or the Facebook page or anywhere else except in an email to will disqualify you.
Here are some clues: 
  1. There are six words in Egyptian hieroglyph messages.
  2. There is a bit of a Rosetta stone on the wall.
  3. The bonus mystery is the answer to "Who is the [blank]?"  The answer must supply the missing word, which is one of the six words, and also the name of "who".  
  4. The Internet is your friend.


A note about fair play and fraud:

Look, this is not a high value contest and we are not going to enlist separate contest auditing and independent review.  It's just us running this, so please... Trust us.  We just want you to have some fun and hope that you will, and also that you will spread the fun around your circle of influence.

Please don't spoil the contest with replies to any posts on Facebook, or posts to this blog, or in any other way compromise the contest.  This is not a big, formal contest.  This is more like a party game and everybody is expected to play nice and obey the rules.  Have fun!  Enjoy the challenge, enjoy the products, and make a little cash!

Enter NOW if you want to Win!

You will want to move fast if you want to win because the contest is not that hard (except maybe for the bonus mystery) and we may have correct submissions pretty quickly.  Just sayin'.


Above all, enjoy this fun and fascinating design on the many products and share them and this contest with your friends.  This cartoon will generate a lot of conversations, we're pretty sure.  You'll probably get some braggin' rights if you're a winner, and get to tease your friends whether they can spot all the jokes and parodies in the cartoon, and then you get to show off your acumen by telling them what the messages mean!

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we enjoyed putting them together!

See The Collection HERE to purchase the many products with this cartoon.

Remember: Like our Facebook page HERE

And submit your answers here:

Good luck!



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